Weymouth Animal Rights

Weymouth Animal Rights are a group of animal rights activists from all over the UK now based in the South and West Dorset area. 

With veganism as a moral baseline, we are seeking to dynamically and constructively interact with each other through this website and our Facebook page to brainstorm ideas to improve the horrific plight of animals.

Through supportive dialogue we seek to exchange ideas and post content on all animal rights issues and approaches, including but not limited to, direct action,  petitioning, protest, legislation, philosophical ideas such as abolitionism vs welfare, advertising in the media,and new ideas.

Our Goals

Our goals are to develop approaches to reach out to the public more effectively and educate, raise awareness, and inspire change.

Posts will be about animal rights issues and many necessarily graphic because that is the situation we face. All opinions welcome as long as productive and team-spirited, confrontation and nonproductive commentary will not be tolerated.  This group’s purpose, in addition to discussing and formulating ideas to better advance the animal rights movement, is to raise public awareness about the horrific plight of animals on this planet, the animal holocaust and illegal hunting and trapping . Open honest exchange of ideas and opinions encouraged so let’s get going we have a big job ahead!

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